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Hyper Core Solutions is dedicated to delivering the highest quality value and innovative solutions to our clients and partners.

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Hyper Core Solutions

Partnering with Career Service Leaders to drive your graduate's success!

Hyper Core Solutions was born from the idea that educational institutions deliver more than an education, they deliver dreams! HCS provides our Career Service Partners with exceptional service, industry best practices, innovative outreach and networking processes, and RESULTS that aid your graduates in realizing those dreams!

Due to enhanced government scrutiny, it is more critical than ever to achieve, measure, and enhance your Career Service solutions. To combat these challenges, it requires innovative and strategic thinking to support your students, and dynamic, measurable, and compliant processes to support you. HCS delivers these to our client partners when they need them the most!

Whether you are looking for a long term solution, or just need a helping hand to deliver results today, our staff and skilled Client Partner Representatives (CPR Team) have the solutions that will help you achieve the success that you desire. We provide the following exceptional services:

At HCS, we know that it is not the number of calls that count, but outcomes that matter most. If you are looking to enhance the overall contact rate, avoid the dreaded graduate and employer Fatigue Factor, or just need to measure your internal processes, we have the solutions.

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